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it's not really about me...but this page kinda is

I think of myself as a prisoner of hope, frustrated social critic, progressive theologian, Christian ethicist, communitarian, melancholic intellectual, and funk lover.  I'm into salvage.  I like finding cool old well-built things worth fixing.  Christianity is one of those things. 

In the end, life is spiritual.  Theology is a lot more than doctrines and religious beliefs.   Looking at the world with a God-perspective (even if it's just a thought-experiment) means looking at life and life-together holistically.  Our lives, words, and actions point to what we ultimately love and truly worship, whether we see ourselves as religious or not.  


I want justice and I want peace.  I grew up and continue to serve a diverse global community called Community of Christ.  I try to walk with Jesus, but following Jesus' life and teachings is a struggle.  The Gospel is a wild love-story.  If we understand Jesus in his own time and circumstances, his teachings and life-example is pretty amazing. 

I'm a dad, friend, educator, minister, social critic, amateur musician, backyard mechanic, Great Lakes lover, lumberjack, outdoors enthusiast, road-tripper, Euchre player, cook, motorcyclist, and dog-lover. Strangely enough, I like bleu cheese better than chocolate. 

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