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joy in judgment? yes.

There it is, in the Hebrew Bible. Judgment without fear. In fact, judgment with equity....and joy.

Psalm 98 The Old Testament has a reputation for pushiment. It conjures images of God's vengeance. But, like all stereotypes that prejudice erases its complexity, wisdom, and grace.. Psalm 98 is a celebration of God's judgment. It's a famous psalm about celebrating judgment with instruments and new music. This judgment is not isolated, either. All of creation celebrated God's judgment!

Where's the apocalyptic violence? Where's God's anger? Where's the condemnation of the wicked. It's not there.

Here's a link to a sermon on Psalm 98. It's a post-Easter sermon - a celebration of judgment without violence. Maybe it's time to remember this alternative image of God's judgment and righting of wrongs depicted in Jesus' life, on the cross, and right the Old Testament.

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