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lies & other truths

Margo, my life-partner and best friend, is an educator. She's taught kindergarten, elementary students, middle school and college students. She has an Ed.D. from Drake University in Des Moines, IA. She currently teaches English Language Arts at Nowlin Middle School in Independence, Missouri.

Margo lives out her love of God and call to discipleship through public schools. Public Education is founded on the universal idea that every child can and should be able to learn. This fundamental democratic commitment resonates with Christian theology. In God's shalom, every creation thrives and fulfills its call and purpose. Margo feels called to serve the underserved and at-risk. She's taught in Chicago Public Schools, Kansas City Kansas, as well as Lamoni, Iowa and as faculty at Graceland University.

Margo first wrote religious curriculum over twenty (20) years ago. She once worked for Community of Christ International Headquarters. More recently, she write youth and family camp (reunion) curriculum for Community of Christ that centers on faith, spirituality, justpeace and peacemaking. She loves it.

Lessons for the Crooked Line is a site where Margo collects her work. Among other themes, she's recently created curriculum around lies that religion and Christianity have taught us. They are as much church curriculum as practices for spiritual formation. You might agree with her lies, or you might disagree. But, that may not matter. Believing that believing the right things is what's important is one of the lies we're taught. What matters more is our relationship with God, others, and what we're willing to risk and discover.

Here are the lies Margo writes about

Lie 1: Grace Requires Nothing of Us.

Lie 2: Following God's Call Will Make You Happy.

Lie 3: What's Important is Believing the Right Things

Lie 4: Being a Christian is About Winning.

Lie 5: Being a Good Christian is the Same as Being a Good American.

Click here to check the lessons out yourself. Because I love Margo so much and beleive in what she's writing, I plan to blog a bit about them myself. :)

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